It is possible to make good money tremendously with trading forex, stocks, and even alternative investments linked to wine and land. However, it must be noted that money (your savings) can be lost to scams, fraud, inexperience, emotions and stupidity. One good reason that with all the knowlegde that i have and i am still not rich or a millionaire is probably due to stupidity and inexperience. Profits need discipline to lock in and earning should be done in modesty. It is not the knowlegde that counts, it is the experience. Let us all make a living out of trading and learn to earn ourselves the luxury that we all deserves, just because we dare try.

Apr 4, 2008

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As per the few "pionner" post i had in march, i had mentioned about wine investments and Forex Managed accounts. which live results are actually available.

FXCM Agg Sentiments:
Original Deposit: $6000.00USD
Current Equity: $6383.40USD
Currently 6.39% +ve

lastest news: It is said by Fx245 that FXCM MA is actually under wealthbuilderfx.com
Wine Investment:
Original Portfolio : Penfolds Grange 2001 at $480/blt
Current Portfolio : Penfolds Grange 2001 at $530/blt
approx : 10.4% increment.

lastest news: Wine investment still the highest profiting alternative investment choice.

for more informations, please comment and PM.


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