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Apr 7, 2008

Blog too messy?

I had a brainstorm this afternoon and realises that this blog is by far too messy.

too many informations are squeezing into this small little blog. I was thinking if i could have spread them into smaller blogs that ave specific uses.

maybe i can have...

DumboWine.blogspot.com to feature wine investments
DumboForex.blogspot.com to feature Forex recents activities...
DumboUKland.blogspot.com to feature any news and return from land investments...


maybe another own friends blog like


or a complain blog like


hmmm.. all are ideas to be implented... wonder if blogspot allow one email with so many blogs.. haha

anyways, update on forex.

3.5fractions 80% rule had made its first few trades today and none had been closed yet.
but i am expecting bad returns from this first few trades since it setted up after the price had spiked through the targetted point.

which i wasnt expecting and had slept through the crucial monday morning...

updates will be soon.

0.02lots.. HA! even if i made 200pips, it will be only say... $4.00!
but its a good way to learn... a $4 investment for a multi-million plan.
not that bad.

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