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Apr 19, 2008

TOP Myth of UK land InvestO!

Myth Number ONE!
- They are running out of land and the rural area available for sale is going to get developed and the money is going into my pocket IF i buy the rural plots now!

The truth - Yes, they are running out of space but no one is going to develope a rural unbuilt area that is available to you. Developer usually choose barn yard or old farm which is semi built up! You aint going to get those money!

Myth Number TWO!
- The rural area is running out as people are buying up the plots! the government will start changing their policy soon! so act now!

The truth - they already have enough rural land designated and reserved for development, those under sales by land brokers are usually damn far off from being developed... and policy will not change until all the reserved land is being used up. Guess before that time comes, people who bought the plot would have already gave up.

Myth Number 3!
- A site that is bought by many small investor is equally competitive as a site that is owned by a single land banker! so small investor like us has nothing to fear!

The truth - BULLSHIT! Bigtime Uk land developer usually has their own land banker with land reserved many years ago and are slowly leasing them out for profits. Only small time developer which is lacking of funds and network would result in seeking out such site owned by so many small investor, going through so many contracts and requirement just to get one site.

Myth Number FOUR!
- LAND investment is like Stocks. It is proved to earn money!

The truth - Yes yes they always say UK land has rapidly raised 100-500% since 5 or 10yrs ago... but those arent really statistics... your toilet paper cost 100-500% more too. its infaltion people... its a number game... =)

Myth number 5!
- The worth of Land is flying! We must grab the chance now!

The truth - YES! there are lands that price soar like eagle in the sky! BUT U CANT OWN THEM! haha.
these soaring priced land are owned by landbankers in UK that they latched to, with permit and plans to be developed by government or developers. The land they try to sell you are of argricultural value, its for growing veggies if you didnt catch my drift. People dun grow veggies no more.

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