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Apr 30, 2008


It is amazing how money can be made from just about anywhere.

The lastest trend in wealth creation are INTERNET MONEY as they would like to call it. It is most commonly achieved through internet MLM, advertising, or even gambling.

But nothing compares to this!

These guys actually pays you to write your blog or site articles. And some of the guys i know are earning from $300 - $21000... amazing really.
It is not hard to imagine why advertisers are moving from just plain display of ads to displaying of thier products or service through posts... which are more commonly read by visitor compared to plain or fancy adverts.

People turn away from pop-ups and advertisements stuck and plastered all over the site.
It is a common fact that a normal internet user would click at least once on a website which he or she visits. And actually reads alot more posts compared to click.

i mean, you guys are here to read and learn, not click and let others earn.

I mean, Payperpost actually pays blogger to blog. Not just pays blogger to plaster their website over with advertisements, which may or may not bring away the attention of your readers.

People, remember why you actually start blogging? it is to bring your views to the world and definitely not bring the world to your adverts.

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