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Apr 15, 2008

AWI wine VS UAG wine!



This is the most recent email i received from a AWI broker about the wine performance and was said to be proven.

some of the result was alarming 125%... haha... thats like doubling your 10K to 20k, doubling your money.

AWI broker are very accomodating and i duno if they are really that nice. UAG broker sucked, they are friendly and cool with you before they sell you your first portfolio. Then they try to push you with more portfolo so they can suck whatever is left of you.

Then after awhile, my UAG broker seems to dissappear until you email him saying you need to know something of great importance... haix

but i still receive info about UAG and at least know they are legit company...

AWI are still pending in my list of investments...
but till now, they seem to be a better choice.

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